We are very happy to announce that we have become the exhibition sponsor of D2 conferences in Vienna and we are going to attend it on 25th -26th August. At the same time, we would like to thank all of our users for your support all the time and offer you a great gift for this August.

From now till August 31th, if you refill an amount of $100 or above at one time, you will get an extra 50% cash coupon of the money you refill. The more you refill, the more cash coupon you will get!

In the meanwhile, we will be excited to have communication with all attendees face to face. Therefore, we will offer 100USD cash coupon for the first 50 attendees who come to our exhibition table.

Please note that:

1, The event only goes on from this August 4(00:00) to August 31(24:00)(GMT+8)

2, You need to share the refill event to your social network channels (Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus) to join the event

3, We will send the cash coupon into your account in the following 3 workdays

4, The cash coupon deadline is for 3 months

5, Cash coupon cannot be exchanged for cash

6, The right to interpret this event resides in ShineWonder