We have good news!

We are having a brand new event starting now. This event will be rewarding users who recommend anyone they know to use Renderwow. wheather it'd be colleagues, classmates, your teachers, or absolutely anyone who will be a real user.we will load $5.00 to your Renderwow account when they have successfully rendered a scene. The more users you recommend, the more we will load into your account. You will need to share Renderwow to people with your referral link. You can share Renderwow directly to your friends or through your social network channels with the referral link. We temporarily don’t limit the event period.

However, we limit the period of the extra gift event below...

In order to let more and more users to enjoy Renderwow's service, we encourage all users to recommend new users to use Renderwow's cloud rendering service. In addition to the gift above,every user that has successfully recommended Renderwow to a certain number of users as specified below will get an extra gift:

Recommend 10 users and you will get an extra $20 coupon cash

Recommend 20 users and you will get an extra $40 coupon cash

Recommend 30 users and you will get an extra $60 coupon cash

Recommend 40 users and you will get an extra $80 coupon cash

And so on...


1. The event will only go on from June 7th (00:00) to July 10th, 2017(24:00) ( GMT+8).

2. You have to use your referral link to recommend more users so that we can check who was recommended by you.

3. Sign in on your Renderwow account center, and you will see your referral link.

4. The successful recommended user means he or she will have to render at least a scene successfully.

5. A $5.00 gift will be loaded into your Renderwow account within the following 3 business days; The cash coupon will be given to your Renderwow account the week after the event.

6. The cash coupon deadline is 3 months.

7. Renderwow Bonuses cannot be exchanged for cash.

8. The recommended users have to be real users; Once we found some malicious acts, we will cancel any gifts.

9. The right to interpret this event resides in Shinewonder.