Thank you guys for having accompanied Renderwow for another year and in order to thank users for their strong support with Renderwow, we are promoting an event especially for animation users.
As long as you top up $300 at one time, you will get an extra cash coupon 70% of your total refilled amount. If you refill $500 or above at one time, you can get an extra cash coupon 100% of your total refilled amount on top, but the coupon you get for your refilling each time will not exceed $500.

1. The top-up event only goes on from September 4 (00:00) to September 9 (24:00) (GMT+8).

2. The cash coupon will be given to your Renderwow account within the following 2 days after you refill your Renderwow account.

3. The cash coupon is expected to be used in 3 months after it is delivered to your account.

4. The cash coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.

5. The right to interpret this event resides in Shinewonder.


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