What are our users saying ?

Chetan Mehta

Such a wonderful experience with Rendewow. I did a many test render with Renderwow and it works great! Last many years I need a latest computer for rendering \job, but my financial conditions not allowed me to purchase new high configuration computer. I tried many online rendering services, but I was never satisfied with them services, charges and render quality. But before 3 months I heard about RENDERWOW, and I try it, and I am getting wonderful result from RENDERWOW.

Alfred VenegasInterior designer

My experience with Renderwow has been an excellent and wonderful experience. The renders came out as it would on my own computer but ten times faster. And the fact that you can send more than one render at a time is amazing and has saved me so much time. The customer service are very respectful and easy to talk to, they even have skype and it never takes them to long to reply and they try their very hardest to solve the problem. So far the experience has been wonderful and I would highly encourage others to try renderwow.

Hector Molina

Hello, and thank you guys for providing such an awesome service!
I really liked everything from the product, it's really fast and easy to use, uploading speed is good and rendering speed is also really good; im rendering from Mexico.
I really don't have anything bad to comment about, but I had a problem when submitting really heavy projects, im talking about 120mb+ , in which the program wouldn't let me render it, so I had to purge my scenes to lighten it up, but thats about it.

özgür söylemez architect

 I'm an architect in Denizli/TURKEY. I use sketchup about 8 years. Thanks for this service. The client is very professional and very easy to use. I don't have to wait the render process so i can continue drawing projects. I absolutely recommend this program.
Thanks again renderwow crew. 

Nipun HettiarachchiUndergraduate Student Landscape Architecture.

RenderWow client amazingly rendered my projects with effective and productivity. Have good pricing and excellent customer support. I just saved my time better than ever since using RenderWow. Recommended this client as a best service for sketchup renderings. Good team, Excellent work.

BlackMore87Architecture student

This is the first time that i use renderwow and i really liked it. It's fast, cheap and really easy to use. Even whit my bad internet connection, i don' have to export the whole model each time i want to make a new render, the plugin upload only the modified part of the project.

Luiz Cláudio Nicolau

Thank you for providing such an incredible service!
I tried several "render farms" .. but never found such a cool service! It's like I'm using a super computer. It gives me a great security for business!
Thank you all! "

Sean Simpsontechnical director for the event industry with 24 years background in broadcasting and special events.

Such a wonderful experience! The interface is simple, straightforward and easy to use. I will definitely recommend it to any user from beginner to expert. Well done guys. I am with you for life!!!
I initially tried a single render at high quality from a 72mb file with bray LX and from packing to render complete took 24mins. Tested same render locally and was 58mins. Sent a similar file and used distributed renders over 5 servers and returned in roughly 8mins - truly impressive. Currently trying a file use 2 servers and just got back in less than 4 mins. Upload speed very good. Will be trying a project size of 97mb shortly with multiple frames. Will let you know how it goes.
Sean Simpson from Dubai, technical director for the event industry with 24 years background in broadcasting and special events.


I did a test render and it works great! I found you guys through Vray's suggested render farms on their website. Im hoping your prices will remain competitive once the beta test is finished.

gresha raskovalov

Thanks! I am satisfied with everything !!! one of my friend advised you so you and find! everything cool!!!


I used Renderwow a few days and am doing some test to see how it works. I only say that I am satisfied so far.

Ignas Kundreckas

I liked your prdoct. Uploading/rendering speed for small renders (800-1200 px) is good, for larger ones could be faster (one time put a large 10000x5000 px render because needed good quallity adn in whole night rendering hasnt beed done).
I found you by searching in google "free render services" or something like that and found a list of render servers and saw that yours is free for a beta testing.


Renderwow works perfectly. Im making some projects and i will send more jobs. Thank you very much.


All in all Renderwow works really well. It world be nice if there was a Progress bar or something and some information while rendering.

Carlos Otávio architecture

We were very grateful to use the system to improve speed to our job. Certainly we will use this in following works.


Thanks for providing good service. The plugin in Sketchup is simple and easy to use.

John van Rooij

As I said I am very satisfied with the service and also the interface I am satisfied. From what I have seen so far, it looks promising.
Best Regards,


I do get into problems sometimes but I guess its my internet connection, anyways you guys are doing a great job, keep it up. :)

Carol KakoInterior Design

About 3 months ago, I started using Renderwow for SketchUp and made some rendering for an animation for a Hotel Lobby Interior Design and it was my first time using a cloud rendering service and really was a nice experience and Renderwow is a very nice plugin In this email I just want to thank you (Renderwow Staff) and wish you success in your work!

Slobodan Erski

So far I have rendered about 10-12 renders and I am very satisfied with the result. Still i have 3.5$ of the initial credit. If this turns out how I imagined, I'll be using your services a lot!

Advantages are that it really renders much faster than my PC (for the job i needed 20mins,, here i finish it in 5 and so). I can use more realistic components, with more geometry and render with higher resolutions.

Kelvin LeusinkInterior Design

I appreciate your work for preparing the receipt.

I really like your product and also planning to use it more for larger renderings.

My first renders didn't work really well because i made a mistake in the save direction, so I couldn't download the results. But thanks to one of your very helpful employees on Skype i got my renders by a download link, GOOD SERVICE! I did an other render with de save direction on my desktop and that worked really good.

Jerome Graven

I'm very satisfied about the charge and price/quality of the renderspeed !

Amar V

This was the first time I am using cloud rendering and I really liked it, also the average cost per render is feasible considering the time it took for render when using single host. I really liked your service and quick response to my queries. Really appreciate it and will surely recommend other user as well.