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3ds Max0.01GHZ*hour

Renderwow provides fixed discounts for all of users. When you refill a fixed amount for your Renderwow account as shown in the following table, please send us a request to to ask for extra discount.The more you refill, the higher discount you will get.

Cost ($)DiscountAmount ($)You Save ($)
STARTING AT475.005%500.0025.00

What does GHZ mean?

GHZ is similar to thread or core. Sever has Higher GHZ number means it has better performance.It is more accurate than the number of cores or threads. Our 1 GHZ equals about 200 PassMark scores. PassMark is a standard performance test suite. At its official website ( ) there are many hardware configurations PassMark scores.

Specifications of each server:

64G, 32 threads, with a performance number of 122 GHZ

Calculate Render Costs

The cost estimate is only for your reference, and the actual time and cost of rendering may differ from the estimate.

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2 cent / GHz Hour

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Total: 2.2 USD