Renderwow FAQ

Can I ask for a reimbursement if I cannot get a good job result after using Renderwow?

Well, it depends. If you cannot get a good job result due to the model, texture, rendering parameters, etc of your job after using Renderwow, we will not refund you; but if there is incorrect job result from Renderwow, we can refund you for your Renderwow account. However, please be noted that once you refill your Renderwow account, any refills cannot be refunded by cash.

Can I refill money via credit card?

Yes, of course you may use credit card to reload your account, Renderwow supports paypal payment.

I signed up today and already installed the program, but I cannot use the program, because "client cannot connect to server." Can you help me?

Normally it is caused by network issues like DNS servers or unstable network conditions. You could try more times if it still cannot work, please let us know.

Is this supported on Mac?

No, but will hopefully be coming soon.

If I shut down my computer while the renders are on the Renderwow cloud will they still be there when I turn it back on?

Yes, once your submitted jobs show their status as being queuing or rendering in the cloud. At this time, the rendering/renderings are not related to your computer, so you can shut down your computer.

My job cannot be downloaded?

Please send us your job information and the screenshot to: support@renderwow so we may help you out.

How can I setup render animation?

You could setup animation as the same way as your local rendering. And then click Renderwow render button.

My renders are rendering very slowly, is it possible to speed up my renders?

For single image, you could use distributed rendering to speed up your renders. Each server has 16 threads. If you use distributed rendering with 10 servers, it will be 160 threads in total. For animation rendering, the maximum servers for one job is 10 servers. If you need more, please let us know.

What versions of V-Ray for SketchUp does Renderwow support?

Renderwow supports V-Ray for SketchUp 2.00.25244 or above; user will be suggested use the latest version V-Ray for SketchUp to avoid some abnormal problems in the lower version.

Does Renderwow support displaying colors in sRGB space?

Renderwow doesn’t support “display colors in sRGB space”. If you turn it on, it might lead to an unsatisfactory result for your submitted job.

Why aren’t my refraction parameters working for my glass materials?

Renderwow doesn’t support color duplication for refraction parameters of glass materials currently, and if you turn it on, you may get an unexpected result for your renderings.

Does Renderwow support the VrayMtl settings?

Renderwow supports VrayMtl Reflect Glossiness, VrayMtl Reflect HightLight Glossiness, VrayMtl Refract Glossiness in V-Ray 3.4 for SketchUp, however, Renderwow doesn’t support them very well in V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp.

The methods of how to solve the problem of log in.

1.Please restart your client and check the “network acceleration” and also choose your location when you log in again. Then, try to submit a job.

If it still doesn’t work, you can only try to use it after you network environment is stable.

2.Please clean up the DNS cache and change the gateway.

We use DHCP and router uses and as DNS gateway like this:

The way to clean up the DNS cache is to run ipconfig/flushdns in your computer.