Renderwow Client Version 11193 Has Now Been Released!

Renderwow - 11/4/16 9:00am


1. Renderwow client has now added "setting data catalogue"

2. Repaired the problem of failure to submit a large resolution scene from Sketchup.

3. Repaired the problem of having no response when clicking login after the first login failure.

4. We have fixed the problem of texture loss that may happen when you send the rendering results to Renderwow without logging in to the client?

5. Repaired the problem of "Failure to submit job" for system usernames that begin with number (ex.20160923Al).

6. Repaired the problem unable to attach plug-ins and marked words as “cannot find auxinst.exe”.

7. Repaired the problem when the Renderwow client stops working while jobs are packing from Windows X86 system.

Hope all these fixes and changes will help make rendering easier and better! Happy Renderings everyone!