FREE 3ds Max beta test will ends March 31st, 2018

Renderwow - 3/13/18 17:00

We are happy to announce that Renderwow 3ds Max cloud rendering is close to perfect and has got a lot of users in such a short period of time. Currently, Renderwow 3ds Max beta test is in its final stage of improvements. From 15th of March, we offer each user a $50 cash coupon until the end of this month (March 31) and after user used up the $50 cash coupon, we provide 50% discount of standard pricing as $0.02 / GHZ*Hour. From April 1st, we won’t offer cash coupon any more, we just charge 50% discount of normal pricing as $0.02 / GHZ*Hour.

Therefore, go ahead and get a $50 cash coupon for free to render your work until March 31st.

Download the software from:

Please note that:

1. FREE cash coupon won’t be offered after March 31st, 2018 (23:59)(GMT+8).

2. Please send email ( to ask support staffs for cash coupon, and we will send cash coupon to you at once.

3. Cash coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.