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Renderwow - 4/27/18 17:00

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Ventovite project, single-family housing, presentation contest of 3d artists, city cali-valley.

Executed in the year 2017, the presentation was inspired by the night, cold shades like magenta, purple and blue.

"It is one of the best projects represented for SUPERFICIE GEOMÉTRICA ARQ"

The software was used: 3ds max 2017, vray3.2 and photoshop for postproduction.

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Wire color,Totalligth and Render Final+ Photoshop.

We are SUPERFICIE GEOMETRICA ARQ, made up of Susana Millan and Carlos Dossman, 3D designers and artists graduates of the SEN (Colombia), we are part of the (SCA). We are currently Architecture and Construction Students of the UCP and UGCA (Colombia). Dedicated 100%, we work since 2012, more than 6 years in the industry of 3d architecture, advertising and interior design, We carry out Architectural projects (render and sale plans) in the Cauca valley and the coffee axis (Colombia). Winners of semesters I, II, IV, V, VI as the best architectural project and sample participation in the region. Winners of the Hotel Gallego contest by the UGCA- Armenia for Montenegro / Quindio, standing out among 9 projects that competed, by design, function and representation.

1. What 3D modeling programs do we use? We use a variety of programs, 3ds max, Revit, sketchup and lumion. "All are very good, each one has characteristics that facilitate the work of modeling, rendering and efficiency in the execution according to the work schedule or complexity of the project ."

2. What rendering software do you use and why?

We use v ray, for its integrity and function in the rendering, the kindness of the render engine in times and execution of previous ones. "We have a taste for the render engine (vray), there are many in which they can also provide excellent jobs to this profession."

3. Secrets to make a good Render?

"There are no secrets, there is dedication in each one of them, each work is different, it requires studying it and providing a plus in each of them."

4. Competitiveness?

"On the way we meet with excellent people and companies, that is why it makes us better and better at what we do" -Weather -Dedication -Excellent Results."

5. Tips: -Remember, loyal and honest competition.