Renderwow Starts V-Ray Beta Test for Cinema 4D!

Renderwow - 9/30/17 16:00

We are happy to announce that Renderwow now supports V-Ray for Cinema 4D. Renderwow’ official pricing of C4D will be $0.02 / GHZ*Hour, but during the period from September 30, 2017 to October 31,2017,all of C4D users will get a 50% discount ($0.01 / GHZ*Hour) off the final cost of your rendered scenes.

Our cloud rendering service for V-Ray Cinema 4D supports C4D R16, R17, as well as R18. Rendering jobs can be conveniently submitted within C4D for much smoother work efficiency. All subsequent steps will be done automatically including packaging, compressing, uploading, rendering and downloading.

Download Renderwow V-Ray for Cinema 4D software.

We are very interested in your feedback which will help us improve Renderwow services. If you have any questions, you can send us an email to

Happy Rendering!


1. The beta test event goes on from September 30, 2017 to October 31, 2017 (GMT+8).

2. You will get an automatic discount of 50% ($0.01/ GHZ*Hour) on your rendered scenes.

3. The beta test discount is only for users of V-Ray for Cinema 4D.

4. The right to interpret this event resides in ShineWonder.