Designer Introduction

Renderwow - 2/8/18 16:00

I studied Architecture and Urbanism and graduated in Interior Design, where I was awarded nationally by ABD (Brazilian Association of Designers) with 3D specialization from Cadritech (Autodesk Certification - USA and Thi Lima | 3D, Consulting & Online School). Six years in the industry of Publicity and Digital Creation. I have been working in the Archiviz industry for 8 years.

I am currently specializing in Product Design.

I won the 1st place in the 15th edition of the 2011 New Talents Award, from the Brazilian Association of Interior Designers (ABD). The designer competed representing the Brazilian Institute of Interior Design (IBDI) and his project was selected among 74 proposals from universities of architecture and design from all over the country.

In June 2016, in honor of the Olympics in Brazil, the site named the best professionals of ArchiViz and CG of the country, among the names was the Designer Gustavo Tassoniero. See a little more of the story on the site.

In April 2013, an interview was given to, one of the most respected sites in the areas of 3D Rendering and Visualization for Architecture, also serves as a reference for Architects, 3D Artists and all those who wish to interact about 3D.

1. What made you choose 3ds Max above other programs?

I chose 3Dmax because it is a complete software, it really does everything that you want, both for Product Design, Architecture, Animation. have been working with 3DSmax since 2009, where I did my first course, courses and specializations.

2. Why specifically V-ray

I chose to use V-ray because at the time, we didnèt have many options as you have now. Where you worked with V-ray or Mental Ray, V-ray turned out to be more practical and easy to use and quality remains the same but with a shorter development time.

There are several rendering engines today. I'm starting with Corona Render as it promises to be the leading renderer in the market, for being faster and more efficient. As for now I'm still using V-ray.

3. When did you start 3D modelling and how have you grown since then?

As I said, I started working on 3DSmax in mid-2009, I always liked the artistic part, I've been an art director for 10 years, working with Advertising and Propaganda. And about your work being recognized, if you do a job with total dedication it will always come with compliments. You have to always keep and be in the mindset to do a better job than the previous day. Today the market is very competitive, there are a lot of talented people in the market, so you have to always demand more of your images so they are perfect.