How to make your 3ds Max still image perfect?

Renderwow - 3/23/18 16:00

The partition is like the next mountain, for still image, user will care about if is good-looking. How will the designer produce a sketch to satisfy customers? In fact, you can only pay attention to the following points.

1. Effect picture atmosphere

From the mediocre picture to the perfect renderings, there is often only one step, which is the atmosphere in the renderings.

Whether it's photography or the first step of making rendering, the first thing to be considered is the atmosphere, whether it's snow, night, or sunny. The atmosphere is important for the whole renderings, it depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create before you make rendering; Determine the overall atmosphere, and then consider what techniques to use to render the atmosphere, Then analyze the atmosphere of the scene to use what elements to foil, such as material, texture, lighting, etc.

The best atmosphere should be tonal, which can be expressed in terms of exposure, contrast, saturation and white balance, So sometimes the rendering of the renders needs further synthesis to achieve the most satisfactory results for themselves and customers.

Effect picture atmosphere

2. light

The proper use of lighting is the key to the production of high-quality renderings in 3ds Max, What you see in the world of 3ds Max depends on how you light it, The scene is determined by the color and position of the luminous object. Renderers will reproduce the real scene in a virtual environment, Not only to understand the physical properties of the material, but also to understand its light characteristics, be familiar with the change rule of material in different lighting environment.

In the production of interior renders, the light emitted by the virtual light is larger than that of the wall, The material of metope is bright; When Angle of light and ground incident Angle is bigger, the material of ground is brighter.

Effect picture light sense

3. simple sense

The standard material in 3ds Max is mainly to simulate the material through transition color, environment color, high light color and filter color. When the light hits the surface of the material, The light and the surface of the material are perpendicular to the high light color, Shadow is formed in areas where the light is not visible, while other areas are transition colors.

The transition color and shadow color affect the inherent texture of the material to varying degrees, It is also the main basis to distinguish the texture color of the material. So, when you set the lights in the renderings, Pay special attention to the color texture of the material itself, Through the proper setting of lights, Properly handle the transition and shadow colors of the material. This will strengthen effectively the material in the visual effect of the real sense.

Effect diagram texture

4. perspective

There are two kinds of cameras in 3ds Max: Targeted and freestyle. Target has camera point and target point, And the free style only has the camera point. With the adjustment of camera parameters and the application of the controller in the toolbar, the roaming and special effects can be generated.

The camera Angle is not fixed, but it can be used to trick the eyes. Looking down or looking up can change the size of the space.

The camera Angle

5. proportion

The proportion of the drawing includes the proportion of the volume of the object, the proportion of the color area, etc. The ratio of object volume should be noted in the early modeling. As long as the ergonomic dimensions are done, the ratio is generally not unbalanced. The proportion of color area directly influences the tone of the atmosphere to be rendered, In other words, the proportion of color can directly change the feeling of a person in an environment.

Model scale

6. accessories

The role of the accessories in the overall design of the home is a point, commonly known as soft decoration, it can express the elements of the style more directly. Its morphological texture changes with the change of style. But the model doesn't look like a picture, This is one of the limitations of drawing.

The proportion of the volume of the object, the proportion of the color area, etc.

7. color sense

There are two colors in the process of drawing: One is the color of the object, the other is the color of the light. These two colors can influence each other.

Color sense is a person quietly to cultivate, To test your eyesight, and your practical ability. There are no shortcuts, but there are rules.