Special Christmas Offers You Should Not Miss

Renderwow - 12/22/16 4:00pm


As Christmas approaches, Renderwow is now offering special offers to thank users for their support. Here are some tips to get the special offer!

If you refill 100 USD or above, you will get an extra bonus equal to 25% of the money you refill. For example, if you top up 200USD for your account, you will get an extra bonus that is 50USD in value; and if you refill 500 USD, the extra bonus will be 125 USD, and so on.

Please note that:

1, The top-up event only goes on from December 24 (00:00)to December 26, 2016(24:00) ( GMT+8).

2, Bonus cannot be exchanged for cash.

3, The right to interpret this event resides in ShineWonder.

4, We will reload the bonus into your account in the following week after the event.