Three Factors Related to the Law of Motion in 3D Animation Production

Renderwow - 9/29/18 17:47

Three-dimensional animation is different from 2D animation. The three-dimensional animation is the image of a two-dimensional planes, move the picture through motion. This is achieved according to the laws of motion. How does the motion law of objects come into being in three-dimensional animation?

1.Time required for action and number of frames

The total duration of a 3D animation is usually predetermined,and the number of seconds in each shot, will be produced according to needs, the length of the film occupied by each action is the time of a shot, long time, slow speed, the number of frames is large. On the contrary, the number of frames is small. Usually in 3D animation, the rhythm is fast, and the shot is short. So, it's going to be a little bit more frames and there may be hundreds of shots.

2.Motion amplitude and space design

The 3d animation production method needs to design the objects and characters in the picture well. The range of the action and the image must be properly handled. Take the hyperbole or simulation techniques, It depends on actual content and the needs. Combined with the perspective of the background picture, you can show different depth and distance effects.

3.Change of speed

The change of speed determines the smoothness of the picture, there are three types of exercise: Uniform speed, acceleration and deceleration. The distance between each moving object is the same as that of the picture, and it is uniform. The distance from small to large, the presentation of the results from the slow to fast, and the reverse is from fast to slow. Through the visual distance in the picture, and the adjustment of the speed of the object, create a sense of beauty in sports , give viewers a visual impact.

The above three points are the key factors of moving objects in 3D animation, the change of lens is inseparable from the setting of these parameters.