Several common composition of spatial rendering of renderings

Renderwow - 11/8/18 16:59

In every aspect of interior renderings, every performance teacher has his own passion and perseverance. By constantly honing their skills, the understanding of "beauty" has improved, expressing personal views in space through project work, letting the renderings work have more thoughts and intentions, simply speaking, it is a picture that can speak. Then how can we construct such a picture? You need to know that.

What is composition?

For composition, it is in a certain space, to arrange and handle good people, material relations and positions, the art of putting some scattered parts into a whole, to put it simply it is to arrange the location of characters and scenery in the picture, to allow them look the best way.

The Form of Composition

The form of composition can be more, of course, it is also adjusted according to different things, the composition can be roughly divided into two parts. One part is about "portrait", the other is aimed at "space scenery". Here are some simple and practical ways of composition.

1.Three points method:

The horizontal and vertical images are divided into three parts. At the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines, it's called Interest Center. The interest center is always the first place to be stared at. So as far as possible, the main body should be arranged closer to the center of interest, using this way of composition, it is a good choice to make some small angles or display for furnishings.

Three points method


While Chinese space can be said to be ubiquitous in a symmetrical way, this is mainly related to the layout of Chinese style. This kind of classical composition is often used in the living room and teahouse.


3.Frame type:

The frame is a common way of composition in portraits, and it is also one of the classic ways of composition, a hole with a hollowed shape through windows, doorframes, bridges, etc.. The composition of the subject can be chosen and chosen in the space.

Frame type

4. Balanced type

Balanced type composition gives a sense of fullness, a very clever arrangement of all the furnishings and furniture in the space, and there are some principles of balance and contrast, but to make things look smooth on the surface, change and rhythm.

Balanced type