A few tips for improving the quality of renderings

Renderwow - 12/19/18 14:22

When our effects are rendered, sometimes rendered effects are always unsatisfactory, to this end, renderwow introduces you to a few tips to make your graphics look more aesthetically pleasing. Whatever software or rendering engine you use, these little techniques are all useful.

1. Focus on minute details

It is generally believed that the more details you add to your photos, the more realistic it is. If it's a picture of real life, to get the best appearance, details are crucial.

However, rendering images does not need to be completely clean, adding a little messy detail won't have any effect, instead, it will look like a real picture. For example, cups contain coffee, furry carpets or stacked blankets.

A few tips for improving the quality of renderings

2. Joint use of artificial light and sunlight

To create realistic lighting effect, sunlight and artificial light must be combined. only in this way can we create the right light and shadow, make the image more realistic.

3. Choose the right texture

This is one of the most difficult parts of making high quality renderings. In most cases, you can't use textures very well, and is also difficult to choose the right texture from the web to apply in your project. At this time, you can try to choose the widest and seamless edge textures, this prevents gaps between them. But keep in mind seamless edge textures sometimes needs to be constructed by image editing software.

One aspect of texture is that, the wider the width, the more real it looks, the texture with 5m gap is always better than that with 1m gap.

4. Put the right reflection into the scene

Some elements that can provide us with more realistic reflective scenes include but are not limited to water, mirrors, polished metal sheets, glass, etc. if used properly, it can increase the depth of the image greatly.

Through deeper depths, Images can illuminate the camera's uncovered depth and the angle of large scenes.