Studio 16 "Get Pro" Event

Renderwow - 1/8/19 15:42

Studio 16 is the biggest community for visual artists in Alexandria Egypt. Which now doubles as an art space and a place for people to take art courses. The founders of this wonderful studio are Mahmoud Hisham and Sameh Arafa. Mahmoud specializes in script writing and painting while Sameh is a digital painter and a character designer.

Renderwow was honored to be one of the Sponsors for their recent event. They host weekly events with a couple of professional artists and sometimes more from all around Egypt. They call the event “Get Pro”, for the students of fine arts and amateurs in visual arts. This is to learn and get to know more about the work flow and the obstacles that artists in Egypt must face and overcome, so they can learn how to become professional artists themselves. From learning from these professionals, they can gain experience out of personal and professional life stories.