Camilo Andres Claros Gonzalez – Interview

Renderwow - 5/25/18 12:00

1. What 3D modelling programs do you use?

The main software I use is 3dsmax to model all the projects and some items, since the great variety of modifiers that you can find. Also, for particular elements, like fabrics, I prefer to use marvelous designer and zbrush at the end to increase the level of detail.

2. Is there a program you prefer above everything else?

Yes, personally for me it is 3ds max. You can do everything in this software. But, I think that due to the large amount of software that exists you must be able to achieve communication between all to generate better results.

3. What rendering software do you use, and why.

I use corona mainly and also vray. The reason of these two engines is that they are the most used in the market. That's why you get many more resources such as materials, scenes, tutorials. Also, when I have to work as a team with other people, it is more likely that they will also use these two render engines.

4. Through your years what was your most memorable project?

I think the project that I liked the most was the Ridge project. The design and materials that were used was completely different to what I had worked on in the previous projects. Also, decided to use new software, substance designer, for the creation of the materials. Likewise, the light management proposed by the environment was quite dark, and the simplicity of the scene made me take the material creation system one step further.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in this industry?

I see myself doing bigger and better quality projects. Projects that are recognized in an international field. I think the market is changing rapidly and it is also very important to find added value for the industry. Soon only making good images will not be enough. I would like to offer a more comprehensive solution for each project, including some designs for example.

6. Any tips you can offer to artists out there that can help them in this industry?

The most important thing I could say is that you need to have patience and value your work a lot. Occasionally, clients will arrive who will not value this kind of work and will make you feel that you are wasting your time and life actually dedicating to this industry. That kind of business relationships is better to avoid, because if you are in a project that does not improve you as a professional, you will surely be holding back.

7. Is there anything you would do differently in the past that would help the way you design now?

Do not fall into burnout. It is very important to have a complete dedication to this business and if you like your work it will not be the problem. The real problem that usually occurs (or at least in my personal case) is that we take this passion too intensely, leaving aside other important aspects of our lives. Things like going to the movies, going out to eat or what you want to do are small factors that in the end feed your creative side and make you a better artist. I would definitely change that, since by taking things more calmly I see my work from different angles and sometimes I find solutions to problems at the least expected moment.

8. What is your favorite place to get your textures from?

I could not choose one really. I think that each site offers different things or specializes in something in particular. As much as possible I always try to create my own textures through programs such as substance designer to make the material that behave procedural way and can be used in the vast majority of situations that projects require. But there are two sites that for me stand out from the others: polligon and megascans. Those two sites came with their base maps ready and can be easily improved by adding dirt masks for example .

9. Have you got inspiration from other artists? If so, who?

I believe that having inspiration is what makes you want to improve more and more. There are two artists that I like about others: Bertrand Benoit and Adán Martín .