Leonardo Pedroso Interview

Renderwow - 6/28/18 18:40

Hi, my name is Leonardo Pedroso, I'm an Architecture Student from Brazil.

1. What 3D modelling programs do you use?

I mostly use SketchUp for basic models because of its linear workflow and learning curve. Occasionally I use Revit or 3DSMax when dealing with much more complex 3d models.

2. Is there a program you prefer above everything else?

I have to say Adobe Photoshop, although I really like to use and try every piece of software possible.

3. What rendering software do you use, and why?

Mostly Vray because it's the one I'm most familiar with and I get good results using it, but when I'm using 3ds Max I use Corona.

4. Through your years what was your most memorable project?

It's tough to choose, but I have to say the one I won an honorable mention: Toronto Pavillion.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in this industry?

I see myself getting better and better in what I do, that being architecture or archviz. It's tough to say really but having my own studio or having a steady job on a major one would be my fundamental goals.

6. Any tips you can offer to beginner artists out there that can help them in this industry?

Keep studying and getting better, the best you can do is not to be afraid of a software. Even though they usually work against us but without even trying, the chances are you'll never succeed or even be satisfied with your own work.

7. Is there anything you would do differently in the past that would help the way you design now?

I think If I, in my early years as an architecture undergraduate, had more hours of study and trying instead of other things. I would be in whole other level now when It comes to archviz.

8. What is your favorite place to get your textures from?

That would be poliigon.com

9. Have you got inspiration from other artists? If so, who?

I do have. Those are: Ronen Bekerman; Fernando Guerra; Dbrenders; Flying Architecture; Hufton + Crow