Artem Tkatchenko Interview

Renderwow - 8/8/18 18:40

1. What 3D modelling programs do you use?


2. Is there a program you prefer above everything else?

Cinema4D is a very reliable software with a very intuitive and smart interface. It makes so much fun working with it.

3. What rendering software do you use, and why?

We use Corona as the main rendering software because it delivers the best result and because of having the easiest workflow. Our second choice at the moment is VRay which used to be our main rendering software before we switched to Corona.

4. Through your years what was your most memorable project?

That was probably the renderings I made for Berlin State Opera 10 years ago. It was a relative big project for me back then and was also very stressful due to the tight deadline.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in this industry?

I don’t make big plans. I just want to do what I do and do it better so my main goal would be to continue I suppose.

6. Any tips you can offer to artists out there that can help them in this industry?

Always get inspired by other artists. It is also important to have an image of your end result in your head before you even start to render.

7. Is there anything you would do differently in the past that would help the way you design now?

Pay more attention to time management.

8. What is your favorite place to get your textures from?

CGTextures, Arroway Textures. Also some Manufacturers sometimes offer free download of high resolution textures of their products.

9. Have you got inspiration from other artists? If so, who?

Bertrand Benoit (he also has a great blog), Peter Guthrie and The Boundary, Benjamin Brosdau and Pure, dbox, 3dstudioprins, Arc Media, Brick Visual, MIR, Luxigon

ArchDaily and Ronen Bekerman blog is also one of my favourite sources for inspiration.