V-Ray for SketchUp rendering elements

Renderwow - 8/22/18 18:52

Each picture in the V-Ray frame caching window have different rendering channels that are also called elements. These elements can be rendered individually by V-Ray and it can be reassembled in Photoshop.

V-Ray for SketchUp rendering elements

Click the V-Ray resource editor then click on the panel in the parameter panel. You can see the rendering elements. Now, expand the rendering elements and you can see a series of rendering elements.

rendering elements

These rendering elements are based on the content of the scene. For example, there is light in the scene. There is also Global lighting, Reflection, Refraction with High light and other elements. These elements are displayed under the rendering elements.

Select all the rendering elements that you want to render. Then find the Material ID selected, Material ID can separate the same material, rendering a pure color block, this is especially useful when Photoshop is processed later, because it's easy to choose the same material at this time.

V-Ray for SketchUp rendering elements

Select all the rendering elements. Click on the rendering and the final synthesis result is RGB color, also known as Beauty Pass。

V-Ray for SketchUp rendering elements

Because of the previous choice to render the rendering element please expand the drop-down menu so you can see all the rendering elements listed.

V-Ray for SketchUp rendering elements

Switch to every one of them to see what they look like.

Reflections rendering elements

Refractions rendering elements

Background rendering elements

Be careful, the refraction is to see the content outside the window through the glass. The background is where the window is open.

And then look at the material ID. It can be seen that the same material is the same pure color.

Material ID rendering

These elements are helpful to the synthesis, and it also helps to quickly check the problem. If you do not choose to render the rendering element, all the elements are mixed together. When all this is done long press the save key icon and slide to save all the icons. Save all the rendering channels used for post processing. The format must be stored as OpenEXR, used for late Photoshop synthesis.

V-Ray for SketchUp rendering elements