Javier García - Pure Design's CEO Interview

Renderwow - 8/24/18 13:40

1. What 3D modelling programs do you use?

We usually use SketchUp and 3ds Max and for a few times Archicad for projects that we design and then we make the renders about the project.

2. Is there a program you prefer above everything else?

I don't think I can choose just one program, because all of them have good qualities. Through all the years I’ve been in the business I’ve seen many artists doing great things with different softwares.

3. What rendering software do you use, and why?

We use Vray, mainly, because we've been learning with some of the greatest artists in the industry such as Ciro Sannino, Jaime Jasso, Adán Martin, Javi Martínez and many more.

4. Through your years what was your most memorable project?

All the projects we have done in my firm has been special and different, but probably the one I will always remember is the first one because of the lack of expertise we had back in those years. But it is always good to compare yourself to what you have accomplished through the years.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in this industry?

I would love to focus more on virtual reality although we've done several projects with this technology there's still many people that aren’t used to the experience of future architectural visualization yet.

6. Any tips you can offer to artists out there that can help them in this industry?

As I always say in the masterclasses I teach, when you are a beginner it is recommended that you choose a photography reference in order to illuminate the same in your scene, that way you'll get to know and compare real life lightning and textures with the render.

7. Is there anything you would do differently in the past that would help the way you design now?

Probably not, as I mentioned before, I didn’t become an expert in 2 days, it is a process of learning and making some mistakes to become a great artist.

8. What is your favorite place to get your textures from?

There are many good places where we've bought textures galleries such as Poliigon or Arroway but mainly we prefer to make our own with photographs.

9. Have you got inspiration from other artists? If so, who?

Of course, we love the work of Mir, Pixel Flakes or VFX studies like Industrial Light and Magic.