Mikael Nilsen Langebeck Interview

Renderwow - 9/12/18 18:40

1. What 3D modelling programs do you use?

- I use Cinema 4D and Archicad for modeling.

2. Is there a program you prefer above everything else?

- I prefer Cinema 4D, it covers all my needs and much more.

3. What rendering software do you use, and why?

- Now I use Octane for Cinema 4D, it's easy to use and it fits my workflow very well. However, I plan to test out Corona Render.

4. Through your years what was your most memorable project?

- Probably my first paid project, that was a semi-detached house. It was a struggle, but the learning process was sky high. Many mistakes were made, thus I gained new experiences.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in this industry?

- A much better 3D artist and hopefully growth of my design studio with employees.

6. Any tips you can offer to artists out there that can help them in this industry?

- Practice and learn from others. Use real life references and give it time, much time!

7. What is your favorite place to get your textures from?

- I use Megascans.se for the most of the time, due to great quality and affordable prices.

8. Have you got inspiration from other artists? If so, who?

- Johannes Lindqvist and Dusan Vukcevic, they make photorealistic images with high quality. In addition, I would like to add that they make tutorials, learning others their skills.